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Beautiful Camilla Table Lamp

The colours of this have to be seen to be believed - listed as a black gloss with copper speckle detail and a black faux silk shade - this simply does not do this lovely table lamp justice.

It looks different from almost every angle - complete with shade this lamp is 680 mmh x 400mm wide

Chic and elegant

Camilla Table Lamp

Elegant in simplicity

This ornate table lamp has an unusual polished chrome and glass base and is supplied with a black shade - 620 mmh x 358 mm

Elegant in simplicity

  • Rosalind Table Lamp

    Absolute classical look with a lovely design of Tapestry

    730mmh x 400mm

    Elegance in pastel shades

Rosalind Table Lamp

Metal Links Table Lamp

This is a real ingenious design item - Fascinating design which, even when one is standing in front of it, leaves you waiting for the links to drop.

Talking piece every time

800mm x 380 mm

Metal Links Table Lamp

Absolutely stunning centrepiece light

The very modern equivalent of a chandelier - see it to believe it - this image does not do it justice.

As a piece of visual design it is sartorial elegance personified

Absolutely stunning centrepiece light

Ornate and unusual centre light

This is an unusual design of flair - it may seem at first somewhat flamboyant and yet when lit produces a lovely warm glow that is, to me, reminiscent of the gas light era

This beautiful light has real warmth and, when seen in the flesh, is not ostentatious - it is quite charming

Ornate and unusual centre light

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