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Beautiful, ornate and unusual

The 18-light Horologica is a stunning light fitting in a chrome finish.

Fitted with small mesh blobs insert with crystal glass discs this light fitting will be the envy of many, and never needs to look exactly the same. The rings can be moved and rearranged as required.

80 cm diameter with a minimum drop of 90 cm / maximum drop of 160 cm

The 18-light Horologica

The Academy 5-light pendant brings flair and grace at the flick of a switch.

Fixed on chains and displayed in black with a glass box this period looking light fitting is in reality truly contemporary and is a masterpiece of modern design.

Requires min height of 730 mm but can accommodate a maximum drop of 2430 mm.

The fitting, which has a depth of 300 mm and a width of 1100 mm, requires 5 x 60 w ES / GLS lamps.   

The Academy 5-light pendant

The Academy 5-light pendant

  • Colourful, simple and yet, absolutely charming

    Gorgeous drop pendant lights to simply add colour and a touch of finesse to any lighting design.

    Cheer up your look with a splash of colour from the lighting gallery. 

Drop pendant lights

Modern Pendant light fitting

A “spreader” with a 5-light drop in a satin finish

Elegant and simple in design – this fitting would adorn any hall or landing with a reasonable drop

Modern Pendant light fitting

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